Industrial Products


Indispensable accessory options for stations

Mepsan devises indispensable products for stations such as portable fuel stations, tanker systems, industrial dispensers, electronic lubricant dispensers, air compressors and tyre gauges. It offers practical, economical and safe alternatives to the requirements of the industry for portable fuel stations and tanker systems, fuel logistics and transportation. Industrial dispensers offer problem-free services in challenging working conditions of corporate customers. Electronic lubricant dispensers provide calibration and long-term protection in that they are the first and only mechanisms working with dispenser system in our industry. Safe and environmentally friendly air compressors turn out to be a practical solution to the requirements of stations thanks to their high flow rate, fast activity, ease of use, long life and affordable spare part opportunities. Tyre Gauges are distinguished with their safety, speed, precision, language options, wide screen, modular body, heavy service usage and practical usage properties.