Infrastructure Systems

Profitable, high-quality and safe solutions

Mepsan, who offers infrastructural products of the worldwide trademarks like Brugg and Nupigeco, develops profitable, high-end and reliable solutions. Mepsan submersible pump SB02, the most reliable submersible pump of the world; brings various advantages into your business with its low investment and optimum maintenance costs, high flow debit with minimal working noise, low investment needs for underground layout and high accuracy in line leak detection.

Developing the first steel blind flexible pipe, Brugg offers efficient solutions from planning till the commissioning phase with its high international reputation.

Nupigeco gathers cutting edge products as flexible pipes, special tools and equipments, single and double wall fittings, welding units, sumps and its accessories, plug and inlet connection tools and sealing equipments in its range with perfect understanding of quality and terms of warranty.