President's Message

Pioneering Brand MEPSAN

We are not satisfied with being one of the largest fuel station equipment manufacturers in the world; we prospect to become the leading brand for fuel station solutions in the world by turning the dream station of the future into reality and performing pioneering improvements in alternative automotive fuel types. As the local industrial leader, we are heading resolutely towards being the future global leader of the industry.

Assuming innovation as an indispensable part of sustainable success, we have taken it as the starting point of our most powerful capability. Our design skills, engineering experience, production power, priority for sustainability and wide range of solutions are the supporting basic values of our corporation.

Having started with the aim of being a powerful local manufacturer, we are currently striving to create a leading international brand. While sharing this change, our passion and new targets with both employees and all business partners, we have also renewed our corporate identity and brand strategies. We have focused on our new targets fervently as a team. We have taken great steps towards corporate organization as a requirement of our position.

Today, Mepsan is the indisputable leading brand in Turkey in terms of not only its mindset, faith and target-oriented nature but also its product quality, service infrastructure, and production power. We are ranked among top 6 in the world but we always aim to be better and achieve more than the current position. Having started the business by turning mechanical pumps into electronic ones 22 years ago, we have become a brand manufacturing complete innovative solutions for contemporary fuel stations. We have focused on developing new technologies and solutions as well as manufacturing high quality products with affordable prices while growing our business.

Mepsan is a n affiliation of MLB Group, parent structure of all our companies. MLB Group provides the necessary basis for the future growth of Mepsan thanks to its strong financial structure and corporate organization in addition to developing new investments and companies. MPT, being another MLB Group company incorporated with Italian partners, is an environmental solutions company offering services for fuel stations and oil industry. Our new investment TRACO designs road vehicles, tankers and shipment solutions for fuel, LPG, LNG and similar products. Besides, we have a R&D company focused on developing completely innovative solutions under MLB Group. E.Barbero, acquired from Italy along with all the production line, is a leading European submersible pump brand. Soon, MLB Group shall be able to develop, manufacture and market all the solutions and products required by fuel stations.

Mepsan offers products which are w holly designed and manufactured by Turkish engineers. T his is a source of pride for us. W e are a big family and w e perform m ore effectively every other day thanks to the contribution of all the m embers of this family. We shall continue to strive to become a leading international brand with all our might.

As the founder and manager of a brand originating from this country, I have faith and trust in the future of both Turkey and Mepsan.

M.Levent Bulgurcu