Vısıtors From North Afrıca!



The team in charge of sale, delivery and distribution services of Mepsan products in Morocco, one of the fastest-growing countries in Africa, visited Mepsan last month.

One of the largest manufacturers of fuel station equipments in the world and continuously expanding its foreign distributorship network non-stop, Mepsan had welcomed valuable visitors in August. An intensive training was provided to the North African visitors by Export Sales and Operation Units and Foreign After-Sales Services Unit during the visit paid by a team of 4 from Morocco. Having received a comprehensive product training on fuel dispenser electronics, mechanical specifications, Stawiz pump and tank automation systems as well as Mepsan’s submersible pumps, the team was observed to leave satisfied with the training process. The main purpose of the training provided by Mepsan to hundreds of visitors coming Turkey from different countries is to prevent the customer satisfaction throughout the world from being interrupted, ensure optimum product usage and create a top-level productivity.